English Language Programs

Private ESL Programs

Private ESL Programs

Customized Private ESL Programs

Private ESL Programs

Private ESL Programs are the fastest and the most effective way to learn English language.

If you would like to accelerate your progress or have certain specific goals in mind, private English language program is the best option for you.

If you have certain specific goals in mind and need to accelerate your progress, this is the right method for you.

Our Program coordinators will design a customized language program for you that fulfills your goals. Our trained, native-speaking teachers  who have years of experience will focus specifically on your own unique needs  and tailor the program to your level of proficiency and interests.

Dates, times and content of the course will be arranged according to your requirements.

Private ESL lessons

Your private ESL lessons will be tailored exactly to your individual situations that may include the following:

Private ESL Lessons

  • You need to improve your business and professional English for work or Job interviews.
  • You plan to spend  the summer in the USA and want to improve your English.
  • You are a student from another country preparing to attend school in the USA.
  • You would like to learn better English to use it in everyday life situations.
  • Have lived in the US for a while but never got around to perfecting your English.

For more information contact our Language Training Department:
Phone: (617) 731-3700
Email: training@languageconnections.com