About us

We provide on-site and off-site language and cross-cultural training.

All our corporate courses are tailored to our clients’ needs, adapted to their level and schedule.

The syllabus for each corporate program is fully customized to incorporate job-specific vocabulary.

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what we do

Language For Professionals

  • Customized language training for companies and employees.
  • Business English program.
  • Cross-cultural communications training for companies and employees.
  • Private ESL programs.
  • On-site and off-site language training
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what's new?

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why us?

  • We focus on day-to-day business communication.
  • We provide on-site and off-site language training.
  • We analyze your language needs and tailor our programs to your objectives.
  • The customize the syllabus for each course to incorporate job-specific vocabulary.
  • We monitor your progress.
  • We provide a final evaluation.
  • Our ESL trainers have advanced degrees and years of experience.
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latest NEWS

  • Do You Use These Commonly Misused Words?
    Have you ever told someone that you literally died from embarrassment? Most likely – and you’re not alone. However, this phrase happens to be incorrect English. Colloquial English is littered with misused phrases and words that,...
  • Business English and General English
    There are more similarities than differences between Business English and General English. They both require the development of core skills such as: speaking, vocabulary building, reading, writing grammar, pronunciation and listening comprehension....

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